I chose the name Nofech because it is one of 12 gems that symbolize the tribes of Israel. Nofech was Judah tribe’s symbol. He and his wife Tamar had twins in 1533 BC and the older son’s name was Perez. (Genesis 38). My family name, Ben Perez, (this means in Hebrew “son of Perez”) has 3549 years of history from this moment.

I always dreamed of opening a place that would celebrate my roots and personality and allow me to share those experiences with others.  Mediterranean fruits, spices, sauces, and foods were a colorful and delicious part of my childhood and have been an essential ingredient in my daily life for all the years after. It is with these joyful memories and events as guides that I have chosen and continue to add remarkable foods to the selection available in the shop.

Every day you can find fresh Madzhul dates from Israel, wine from the Galilei and Golan heights, fresh homemade chummus, baba ganus, and schug, exceptional olives and cucumbers in brine, fresh pita bread (vegan), several top quality types of tahiny from Lebanon, Egypt, and Israel, grape leaves, fig jam, halva, baklava, Turkish coffee, Lebanese labneh, Egyptian orange marmalade, Greek olive oil, Spanish wine, French wine, Italian cantuccini, and so much more.

When you enter the shop you will also smell the superb coffee, see the fresh pastries and cakes, and enjoy excellent customer service. This completes the great atmosphere that is Nofech and I am looking forward to seeing you.

Avi Ben Perez

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